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Las Vegas: A city fueled by blood and money. It’s a thirsty town, welcoming all comers to spend their money and pawn their dreams. A few come out on top, the city swallows the rest.

It’s no surprise that the Kindred thrive in this modern Gomorrah. The steady flow of tourists makes meals easy to find, and the steady flow of money makes things easy to run.

Of course, it’s never that easy. With the economy stagnating the city is bleeding out on the sand. Every year fewer gamblers come to town, every year things get a little worse. Even more frightening, the city suffers constant Brood attacks. Sure, it’s simple enough to round up The Legion and stomp them, but The Brood keeps coming back for more.

The city has unified its power into a Triumvirate. The three princes quibble for rank at the best of times, and the streets run red at the worst. The Invictus jab at the Carthians, the Circle harasses at the Sanctum, and the Triumvirate tends the fragile peace.

It’s just the sort of place that a clever neonate could make their fortunes. It’d just take some guts, a bit of luck, and a whole lot of blood.

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