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The Triumvirate: Vegas is a town to rowdy for just one prince. Instead they have three, each with allegedly equal powers.
Octavius, Chief Executive of the Invictus. Known Daeva.
Jimmy Vegas, Carthian Union Boss. Known Gangrel.
Bloody Mary, Unaligned Spookshow. Clan unknown, presumed Mehket or Nosferatu.

The Invictus:
Reginald Watts, the business man and right hand.
Abal Stevens, the Invictus PR department.
Marissa Stone, the hired gun.
Dr Kreel, the know it all.

The Lancea Sanctum:
The King, archbishop and rock star look alike.
Damocles, the malcontent.
Esther, a very spooky girl.
Ruth, the black knight.

The Carthian Union:
Fandango, the man who has just what you need.
Mr Sevens, the man who has just what you didn’t realize you need.
Madame Strange, the queen bee.
Joey, the former champ.

The Circle of the Crone
Hunter, angler in a sea of darkness.
Ghost, the shadow on the wall.
Sparks, the god in the machine.
Merlin, wanderer on an old path.

The Unaligned
Decimus, the Legate.
Steve, the full time monster.

Belial’s Brood
Coyotl, the scavenger.
Skinner, the hobby killer.
Storm-Crow, the bearer of bad news.
Beast, the killing machine.

Waltham- never heard of him.

Dramatis Personae

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